Fuzzy Muzzle utilizes a variety of printmaking techniques depending on the scope and need of each project. 

Screenprinting is an excellent process to use for repeated imagery both on fabric for textiles and on paper for posters, artist prints, invitations, etc. Using photo-sensitive emulsion, original designs are exposed to silk screen mesh, leaving a semi-permanent stencil. We use these designs either as tessellations for fabric yardage or as singular, layered designs for paper.


Letterpress Printing is a gorgeous technique using antique letterpress machines and hand-set type, the same process by which old newspapers and books were printed. The main quality of letterpress printing is an embossed appearance on the paper. Due to the process of pressing the paper between the inked type and the rollers, Letterpressed invitations leave a beautiful, subtle impression on the paper and a smooth, thin ink surface.


Laser Printing is the fastest and easiest way to realize our digital designs. We use a high quality, photo-performance digital printer to print designs created almost entirely in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Important to note, however, that even in our digital processes, we utilize many hand-drawn or painterly techniques and scan those in for further digital manipulation. We always want people to wonder just how exactly we are able to create our original imagery.

Risograph Printing is a really unique resource. Risograph Printers were developed in the early 90s as the first color copiers. They were originally marketed to corporate offices--"now you can print your annual reports in full color!"--but have since fallen into the hands of artists. In our shop, we've got an RP3700 model from the early 00s. Risograph printers are essentially mechanized screenprinting machines. Using a scanner, images are transferred onto thin sheets of paper which operate as a temporary stencil. These sheets are then wrapped around a cylindrical screen that is flooded with ink, resulting in gorgeous, thin, vibrant layers of printed color. Using this technique, we can print hand-drawn and photographic imagery, and almost everything in between. One of the most exciting characteristics of Risograph printing is the availability of truly fluorescent colors.

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We offer five incredible colors in Risograph printing, which can be layered for a full spectrum of color possibilities ////