// About us

FuzzyMuzzle Design is a collaboration based in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 2016, FuzzyMuzzle seeks to combine a wide array of services to provide elegant, site-specific, custom design for special occasion, no-occasion, and every day objects. Fluent in book structures, digital design programs, and various printmaking methods, FuzzyMuzzle is committed to finding the best mode for creating and printing your custom designs for each project. In-house printing facilities join various hand-drawn and painting methods to create the best possible outcome for your special occasion. Our approach goes beyond matching personal taste, and aims to use the context for which the design will be used as inspiration for the project. 

// About our services

+ Logo Design Packages

+ Wedding Invitation Suite Packages

+ Personal Stationery and Letterhead Packages

+ Textile Design Packages

+ Special Occasion + No-Occasion Stationery

FUZZY MUZZLE is ready to handle all of your design and printing needs for both paper and fabric



... and coming soon !!

+ Totes + Apparel

+ Printed Homegoods